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Stage equipment and scenery doesn’t come cheap, especially when you have to dress a one-off event. To keep your budget under control, Azur Scenic continues to develop our hire & rental department year after year.

Rent by the day, the week or by the month, according to your needs. Simply reserve your equipment through our teams and we’ll deliver it to you in France on the specified date.

Azur Scenic Location offers you a comprehensive:


Azur Scenic Location offers you:

Azur Scenic lets you hire a superb range of curtains including banners, stage curtains, friezes, etc. flame-retardant rated to French and European standards, for all your events, whether indoors and outdoors.



Colour: Red or Black

Width 1 m to 21 m Height: 0.40 m to 12 m

Cotton or polyester
Velour 500 g/m2 – Fleece 340 g/m2

Flame-retardant rating: M1

Our hire curtains can be adapted for hanging on poles, structures, curtain tracks, and Pipe & Drape systems
Straps, eyelets, and tab-tops
Side and bottom hems

Azur Scenic offers you front and rear projection screens to hire for all your seminars, galas, shows, and more…
Suitable for erection both indoors and outdoors, our M1 flame-retardant rated screens comply with safety standards in force.


Front-projection screens: White face (white reverse) – White with black-out face (black reverse)
Rear-projection: Cream white (multi-purpose rear/front projection) – Mid-grey – Anthracite

Width: 3 m to 20 m
Height: 2 m to 8 m
Larger dimensions possible to order. Please contact us for more information

PVC 480 g/m2

Flame-retardant rating: M1

Our hire screens can be installed beneath poles, or structures Straps, eyelets, and tab-tops
Side hems
Bottom sleeve for weighting pole Ø 50 mm
Sleeved weighting poles available to hire on demand


Azur Scenic offers hire of scrims with flame-retardant ratings to French and European standards for all your stage design needs.
Our scrims are ideal for apparition and disappearing special effects. With front lighting, they appear as a black screen, hiding everything that’s behind them. Back-lit they reveal the elements behind them to the audience. Gobelins scrims can also be used as surfaces for projection. Nevertheless, make sure you have a sufficiently powerful projector for the image to be clearly displayed on a black surface.


Black only for hire
Grey, white and black to buy

Dimensions: contact us

Gobelin Cotton Mesh, approx. 90 g/m2

Flame-retardant rating: M1

Our hire scrims can be installed beneath poles, curtain tracks, and structures Straps, eyelets, and tab-tops
Side hems
Bottom sleeve allows use of weighting poles, essential for optimum tensioning. (Sleeved weighting poles available to hire on demand)

Azur Scenic offers dance flooring to hire pour for all your shows, galas and dance events. Suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors, our M2 flame-retardant rated flooring complies with fire safety standards in force.


Reversible black and grey allows you to use either side
Black/White available to buy only. Black/Grey available to hire

Width: 1.50 m
Roll length: 6 to 14 m

100% PVC, 1700 g/m2

Flame-retardant rating: M2

With a thickness of 1.2 mm, our dance flooring is suitable for installation on flexible flooring, parquet, lino and vinyl, stage risers…
Panels are assembled quickly and easily using repositionable adhesive tape available to buy, in Black or Grey depending on the surface used



Azur Scenic offers hire of stage risers which, once assembled, let you quickly and easily set up temporary stages and podiums. With modular size and height, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Top in dark brown plywood Frame and feet in aluminium colour

Dimensions of module:
Top 2 m x 1 m (thickness 9 cm) Legs – height optional: 20 – 40 – 60 – 80 cm

Technical specifications:
Plywood top with non-slip film
Box aluminium frame with 2 welded reinforcing crossmembers Unit weight: 33 kg
Resistance: 500 kg/m2
Flame-retardant rating: M3
Safety equipment, approved by an authorised inspection organisation

Modules are easily positioned and assembled using the “easy” clamp system. Screw-fastening feet via large-head bolt for easy hand-tightening to set them at the optimum height.

To equip you temporary stages, Azur Scenic offers for hire two models of heavy-duty modular curtain tracks capable of supporting extra-heavy stage curtains. Fitted with mounting clamps, they are easily installed under poles or structures.


Colour: Black

Max. length: 30 m, by assembly of 1 m or 2 m modules
Maximum recommended height: 12 m

Technical specifications:
Double track in extruded aluminium for lightness and strength
Assembly for 1 or 2 curtains
Straight walk-along track or manual corded curtain pull (curtain rope available to buy)
Maximum supported weight (uniform distribution of load): 500 kg

Assembly of modules via quick-fit sleeve system
Fits easily on tubes using “projector clamp” type clamps
One anchor point recommended every metre (varies according to weight of curtains)

Azur Scenic can supply Pipe & Drape to hire, a self-supporting system that lets you decorate, mask or divide a space using a curtain, without the need for anchor points. Easily create coulisses, dressing rooms, storage areas, etc. without the need for heavy and cumbersome equipment (trusses, etc.) because your time is precious!


Colour: Black

Telescopic width, adjustable from 1.80 m to 3 m
Telescopic height, adjustable from 1.80 m to 4.20 m
Bases 60 x 60 cm (thickness 5 mm)

Technical specifications:
Self-supporting telescopic legs with weighted bases (14 kg) for maximum stability Telescopic curtain support equipped with Velcro for speedy installation of curtains Maximum supported weight: 25 kg

Product advantages:
Quick and easy assembly and tear-down, does not require any specific technical skills or tools
100% self-supporting system: no anchor points required


For breathtaking curtain drops, Azur Scenic offers hire of a Kabuki system.
Create the moment by revealing an object, a person, or even a place concealed by the curtain, with perfect timing.


Length entirely to-measure
(one motor every metre, to be interconnected to obtain the required length)

Technical specifications:
Controlled from control unit or DMX
Intelligent system prevents curtain release in case of power failure. Maximum supported weight: 25 kg per motor

Easy hanging of motors under tube using “projector clamps”

Show people where to queue, or add a guide or a barrier, or even give a sense of style with a special VIP area using cordons and velvet ropes available to hire!


Feet: chromed
Ropes: black or red

Feet: height 95 cm x Ø 5 cm, Ø base 31 cm Ropes: Length 1.50 m

Technical specifications:
Unit weight of feet: 8 kg

Because you often need those little accessories, complete your hire with our great range of consumables. Azur Scenic offers a wide range of products available to buy to allow you to make your rentals a stress-free experience.

Here are a few examples of products we regularly offer our hire customers:

Curtain ropes and cords

Adhesive tapes

Events carpet


Brushed cotton


To offer an even more comprehensive hire service, in September 2022 the Azur Scenic group brought onboard the hire specialists Scène Evenements