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      Scrims and gauzes

      From the outstanding Gobelin scrim in sharkstooth gauze – and not forgetting the washable Trevira CS version suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, to the surprising Molière holographic gauze in honeycomb mesh designed for special effects, as well as traditional square mesh scrim, you’ll find all our flame-retardant tulle fabrics right here!

      The majority of our scrim and gauze fabric products are suitable for classic theatrical apparition and disappearing effects, but you might also be surprised by their additional technical properties, such as laser light diffusion, excellent paintable surfaces for creative projects, innovative screens for projection and rear projection, and more… With our scrim fabrics the possibilities are endless!

      You’ll also find in this category our extra-lightweight Smoke Out fabrics, suitable for Sprinkler systems thanks to their VdS certification, which means you can use them on your ceilings in total safety!