Molière Holographic Scrim

With its extra-fine honeycomb mesh, this scrim is recommended as a creative front-projection and rear-projection surface, and can also be used for theatrical special effects requiring opacity and transparency .
This scrim is particularly appreciated for projecting holograms.
Rated  M1 flame-retardant and woven in extra-large widths, this scrim lets you cover large areas without panel assembly.
Like most scrim materials, it lets sound through, offering perfect acoustic transparency.

Width: 890 cmWeight: 45 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating: M1Composition: 100% Flame-retardant treated Cotton
Flame-retardant rated
Special effects
Front projection
Acoustic transparency
Transparent and translucent
Very large width

Technical dataValueNotes
Mesh size2 x 2 mm 
Width890 cm 
Weight45 g/m² 
Thickness0.3 mm 
Flame-retardant rating M1 
Composition100% Flame-retardant treated Cotton 
Roll length± 50 - 60 m
Centre-folded, bales
Cut-to-length possible

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