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        Azur Scenic offers a wide range of M1-rated fabrics, guaranteeing non-flammable protection for most public buildings and events. However, in certain specific cases, the use of M0 or non-combustible textiles is required to meet stricter safety standards.

        When these special requirements arise, Azur Scenic is there to help you make the right choices. Our sales teams are there to guide you every step of the way. Simply send us your specifications, and we’ll work together to meet your needs. Whether you’re planning an event, fitting out a public reception area or anything else, we’re here to help you find the M0 non-combustible textiles to meet your requirements.

        It’s important to note that non-combustible textiles are less common than M1 fabrics, which may slightly restrict the options in terms of appearance and color. However, even in this case, Azur Scenic strives to offer you suitable solutions. If you have the option of choosing M1 textiles, you’ll benefit from a wider range of choices in terms of materials and colors, which may better suit your aesthetic needs.

        On the other hand, if your safety commission specifically requires an M0 rating, we are ready to meet this requirement. Depending on the amount of non-combustible fabric required for your project, we can direct you to our standard M0 fabrics or even develop special colors to match your creative vision while ensuring the required safety. At Azur Scenic, our priority is to provide you with tailor-made solutions that meet your safety and aesthetic needs. Please contact us to discuss your projects and find out how we can help you achieve your goals with our high-quality M0 textiles.


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