Metallic Scrim

A light material with a silvery metal look, rated B-s1,d0 flame-retardant, and offering a useful stretch along its length.

The chainmail effect gives makes this decorative fabric ideal for curtains in spaces with a contemporary or industrial design feel.
Why not try some daring lighting effects to get maximum effect from this voile? You can make use of its transparency or create opaque walls with the metallic effect. It can also be used for the most original and creative set designs as a screen for front-projection or rear-projection.

This 100% Trevira CS material is washable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Width: 410 cm Weight: 60 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating:   B-s1,d0 Composition: 100% Trevira CS
Suitable for outdoors use
Gloss/lacquered and metallic
Flame-retardant rated
Special effects
Front projection
Transparent and translucent
Trévira CS

Technical data Value Notes
Width 410 cm  
Weight 60 g/m²  
Thickness 0.50 mm  
Flame-retardant rating B-s1,d0 Standard: UNI EN 13501-1
Composition 100% Trevira CS
Roll length 50 m Rolled full-width
Cut-to-length possible: Yes (minimum 5 m length)

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