Crinkle lamé

As always with M1 flame-retardant rating, our 2 essential metallic voile materials available in gold and silver colour (Saturne and Galaxie) are available in both original and crinkle finish.
This crinkle finish is produced by machine using a special process to ensure this effect is long-lasting.
We offer 2 versions of this fabric according to the desired effect:
• Lamé 50% crinkle: the mix of 50% lurex and 50% translucent fibres give a sparkle effect combined with an intense transparent quality.
• Lamé 100% crinkle: the 100% lurex fibres give an intense metallic effect with a moderate transparency.
This remarkable material is ideal for decorations at events and parties, making stage sets, curtains and wall hangings…
Play with lighting effects to give a different tone to each fold and make your backdrops a uniquely versatile screen!
It is recommended to protect this flame-retardant FR Polyester from the elements.

Width: 260 cm Weight: 60 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating: M1 Composition: 100% Polyester
Gloss/lacquered and metallic
Flame-retardant rated
Transparent and translucent

Technical data Value Notes
Width 260 cm  
Weight 60 g/m²  
Thickness 0.15 mm Fabric thickness indicated without crinkling
Flame-retardant rating M1 EVENTS PRODUCT:
Lifetime of rating limited to 12 months from first use in a regulated establishment.
Composition 100% Polyester
Roll length 55 m Rolled full-width
Cut-to-length possible


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