Advance® Adhesive tape for dance flooring

The superb AT7 tape from Advance®, and 7641 adhesive tape by 3M are ideals for assembling sections of dance flooring.


  • Advance AT7 (black, white, grey)
  • 3M 7641 (translucent)

Roll width: 5 cm

Roll length: 33 m

Supplied in:

  • Box of 18 rolls (black, white, grey)
  • Box of 24 rolls (translucent)
  • Can be sold separately

Colour: White, Black, Grey, Translucent

Summary description:

  • Installed on upper face of flooring
  • Non-corrosive adhesive tape prevents damage to flooring by limiting glue marks due to regular assembly and disassembly
  • Flame retardant
  • Easy to unroll and cut
  • Waterproof, excellent UV-resistance and abrasion-resistance


  • AATDB – White
  • AATDN – Black
  • AATDG – Grey
  • AATDT – Translucent