Chausey Canvas

An elegant sun shade material with acoustic properties rated M1 flame-retardant and available in an incredible range of 24 colours.
Washable FR Polyester material that’s ideal for both interior and exterior use.
It can be used for making curtains, as well as wall hangings, roman blinds, and even Japanese screens.
Certified with the Oeko Tex label, this fabric is environmentally friendly.

Width: 280 cmWeight: 270 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating:   M1  B1 UNOComposition: 100% FR Polyester
Acoustic Absorbant
Suitable for outdoors use
Flame-retardant rated

Technical dataValue Notes
Width280 cm  
Weight270 g/m²  
Thickness0.5 mm  
Flame-retardant rating M1
 Standard: NF P 92 503-504-505
Standard: DIN 4102
Standard: UNI 8456 / UNI 9174
Composition100% FR Polyester
Roll length50 m
(delivered in 2 x 25 m)
Cut-to-length possible
Light fastness / UV resistance
Units class /8
Light colours: 6
Mid-tone colours: 5-6
Dark colours: 3-4
Standard: ISO 105 B02
Thermal and visual performanceLight
gt: 36%
fc: 61%
gt: 41%
fc: 69%
Standard: DIN EN 410 2011
Acoustic0.41 Standard: NRC - EN ISO 354

Average noise reduction coefficient (NRC) in alpha Sabin
The NRC obtained gives a material’s ability to allow the passage of sound waves. An NRC of near 0 is given to materials that allow the passage of sound waves or which cause little disruption to noise. These are therefore recommended, for example, for covering an acoustic panel. Conversely, a rating of close to 1 means an absorbent material or which strongly disrupts through the reflection of sound waves. It is therefore highly recommended, for example, for improving the acoustic performance of a space according to the required specifications.


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