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A flexible film in transparent PVC with subtle blue reflections, M2 rated and available in 3 different thicknesses (0.3 to 0.8 mm).
We make this tarpaulin product in our own workshops to allow even the most oversize projects, with a range of options for assembly and finishes, using HF welding technology.
This incredibly hard-wearing tarpaulin is waterproof, and UV-resistant treated making it easycare and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
It also has sound-insulation properties.
This PVC film is suitable for a range of uses such as marking tents and big tops, making stage sets, and more…
Dare to go off-piste! Control the transparency of the crystal and let your creativity speak by using it as an innovativesurface for front-projection or rear-projection that’s both original and inconspicuous!

Width: 140 cm Weight: 390 g/m², 650 g/m², 1040 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating: M2, B1 Composition: 100% PVC
Suitable for outdoors use
Flame-retardant rated
Acoustic insulation
Front projection
Transparent and translucent

Technical data Value
Reference 2504
Cristal 30/100
Cristal 50/100
Cristal 80/100
Width 140 cm 140 cm 140 cm
Weight 390 g/m² 650 g/m² 1040 g/m²
Thickness 0.3 mm 0.5 mm 0.8 mm
Flame-retardant rating M2, B1 M2, B1 M2, B1
Supplied in Length 65 m
Rolled full-width
± 36 kg/pce
Length 40 m
Rolled full-width
± 36 kg/pce
Length 25 m
Rolled full-width
± 36 kg/pce
Cut-to-length Yes No No
Flexibility (grade) 3S 3S 3S
Tear-resistance Width: 19.3 N
Length: 17.2 N
Width: 31.3 N
Length: 29.1 N
Width: 52.4 N
Length: 51.5 N
Breaking strain Width:
23.2 MPa
28.7 MPa
21.0 MPa
22.4 MPa
21.6 MPa
23.4 MPa
Elongation at break Width: 340%
Length: 310%
Width: 350%
Length: 300%
Width: 350%
Length: 300%
Low-temperature resistance -25°C -10°C -8°C
Shrinkage Width: 0.9%
Length: 2.7%
Width: 0.9%
Length: 3.2%
Width: 1%
Length: 3.1%

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