Light-diffusion cloth

A light, hard-wearing technical fabric with a translucent appearance, and M1flame-retardant rating, available in 9 colours.
This super versatile material lends itself to a multitude of uses such as front projection and rear projection, diffusionfor different lighting effects, screens for Chinese puppet theatres, making curtains, and dressing ceilings and flats
Made in 100% Trevira CS, it is washable andUV-resistant and it’s also great for use outdoors andindoors alike.

Width: 308 cm, 520 cmWeight: 80 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating: M1 B1
Composition: 100% Trevira CS
Suitable for outdoors use
Flame-retardant rated
Special effects
Front projection
Trévira CS

Technical dataValueNotes
Width308 cm (all colours)
520 cm (colour 002)
Ref. 4805
Ref. 4900
Weight80 g/m² 
Thickness0.14 mm 
Flame-retardant rating M1
Standard: NF P 92 503-507
Standard: DIN 4102
Standard: EN 13501-1
Composition100% Trevira CS 
Roll lengthWidth 308 cm:
30 m, rolled full-width
Width 520 cm:
50 m, bales

Cut-to-length possible

Cut-to-length possible

Light fastnessLight colours: 5-6
Mid-tone colours: 6
Dark colours: 6
Standard: DIN EN ISO 105-B02
Tear resistanceWarp: 21 N
Weft: 13.1 N
Standard: DIN EN ISO 9073-4
Air permeability100 Pa: 122 l (m²s)
200 Pa: 218 l (m²s)
Standard: DIN EN ISO 9237


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