Outdoor Acoustic Divider

Outdoor Acoustic Divider: The M1 acoustic separators IN and OUTDOOR par excellence.
A large number of urban events are limited by, or even prohibited due to noise pollution regulations. You’ve just found your perfect partner!
Ideal for urban events, festivals and concerts with multiple scene changes, the Acoustic Divider is the only waterproof M1-rated acoustic divider offering insulation up to an impressive 17 dB!
Available in 3 colours as well as a printable version, Outdoor Acoustic Divider is an ingenious light-weight solution that’s easy to install allowing you to drastically limit noise.

Standard dimensions:
2 m x 1.20 m
2 m x 3.60 m
(Other dimensions available to order).
PVC Tarpaulin (620 g/m2),
Polyester fibre cushion (830 g/m²),
Glass fibre, black with treatment (215 g/m2).
Flame-retardant rating: M1Weight: 1660 g/m2
Acoustic Absorbant
Suitable for outdoors use
Flame-retardant rated
Acoustic insulation
Black-out and/or screen material

Technical dataValueNotes
Standard dimensions2 m x 1.20 m
2 m x 3.60 m
(Other dimensions available to order)
Weight1660 g/m2(4 kg or 12 kg respectively for standard models)
Flame-retardant rating M1Standard: NF P 92-501
PVC Tarpaulin (620 g/m2)
Polyester fibre cushion (830 g/m²)
Glass fibre, black with treatment (215 g/m2)
Standard finishesEyelets (Ø interior 16 mm) every 50 cm around edges
(Other finishes available to order)
Acoustic properties
Noise reduction Standard: ISO 717/1
Sound reduction:20 dB @ 1000 Hz
Weighted apparent reduction:R’W (C, Ctr): 17 dB (-1, -3)
Acoustic absorptionStandard: ISO 11654
Weighted acoustic absorption:αw: 0.50 MH