Perfore front screen

The essential screen for front projection in its perforated  and sound transmissible version, in matte optical white, rated M1 flame-retardant.

This perforated screen is suited for front projection such as, for example, cinema screens and for dressing events structures designed for projections and positioned in front of sounds sources. (The perforations in this screen give it acoustic transparency properties).

During manufacture, we ensure a perfectly regular surface to offer you optimum optical properties.

We make super-thin, super-smooth and virtually-invisible weld seams in our weld assembly workshops that allow our screens to be suspended, tensioned on frames and even mounted onmotorised rollers.

This 100% PVC screen is washable and is suitable for use outdoors as well as indoors.
Its perforations give make it air-permeable to ensure stability in windy locations.


Width: 230 cmWeight: 410 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating:   M1   PassComposition: 100% PVC
Suitable for outdoors use
Flame-retardant rated
Front projection
Acoustic transparency

Technical dataValueNotes
Width230 cm 
Weight410 g/m² 
Thickness0.3 mm 
Flame-retardant rating M1
Standard: NF P 92-503
Composition100% PVC 
Roll length120 mCut-to-length possible


Perforations Ø1.3 mm 
Openness factor4.70% 
Recommended spectator distance3.70 m 
Elongation at breakMachine direction: > 160%
Transverse direction: > 160%
Standard: NF EN ISO 527-3
Tensile strength at breakMachine direction: > 12 MPa
Transverse direction: > 12 MPa
Standard: NF EN ISO 527-3

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