Sleeved poles

Sleeved poles in steel and aluminium to allow you to weight or hang scrims, screens, banners, screens…

Supplied in: pack of 1.


  • Black (steel poles),
  • Alu or black (aluminium poles).

Diameter: 35 or 50 mm.

Length: 1 to 3 m standard.
Other lengths available to order up to 6 m for one piece.

Summary description:

  • Black epoxy painted or anodised aluminium for a fine finish and maximum wear.
  • Each pole is supplied with a 40 cm internal sleeve for maximum strength and minimum flex, even with the heaviest loads.
  • Quick-lock system for sleeve using an Allen key (not supplied).


AIPMAC - Steel poles

AIPMAC35100NSteel35 mm1 mBlack2 kg
AIPMAC35200NSteel35 mm2 mBlack3.7 kg
AIPMAC35300NSteel35 mm3 mBlack5.3 kg
AIPMAC50100NSteel50 mm1 mBlack2.8 kg
AIPMAC50200NSteel50 mm2 mBlack5.1 kg
AIPMAC50300NSteel50 mm3 mBlack7.5 kg


AIPMAL - Aluminium poles

AIPMAL35100NAluminium35 mm1 mBlack1 kg
AIPMAL35200NAluminium35 mm2 mBlack1.7 kg
AIPMAL35300NAluminium35 mm3 mBlack2.3 kg
AIPMAL50100NAluminium50 mm1 mBlack1.3 kg
AIPMAL50200NAluminium50 mm2 mBlack2.1 kg
AIPMAL50300NAluminium50 mm3 mBlack3 kg
AIPMAL35100AAluminium35 mm1 mAluminium1 kg
AIPMAL35200AAluminium35 mm2 mAluminium1.7 kg
AIPMAL35300AAluminium35 mm3 mAluminium2.3 kg
AIPMAL50100AAluminium50 mm1 mAluminium1.3 kg
AIPMAL50200AAluminium50 mm2 mAluminium2.1 kg
AIPMAL50300AAluminium50 mm3 mAluminium3 kg