A light open-weave fabric with irregular appearance, tarlatan has the specific feature of being very well primed, giving it a stiffness and malleability. This screen is entirely non-stretch, and will hold whatever shape you want to give it.
This amazing value textile is particularly appreciated for events decorations, but also for making stage sets and scenery. With surface treatment, it allows you to give depth to your creations. It can also be used for making wall-hangings, as well as dressing stage structures and stands, or even for running up curtains.
Woven entirely from natural cotton fibres, tarlatan is an environmentally-friendly material.
Like most open-weave materials, tarlatan offers perfect acoustic transparency.

Width: 160 cmWeight: 35 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating: No ratingComposition: 100% Cotton
Acoustic transparency

Technical dataValueNotes
Width160 cm 
Weight35 g/m² 
Thickness0.2 mm 
Flame-retardant ratingNo ratingFlame-retardant treatment available on demand, full lengths only (please contact us for prices and delivery times)
Tarlatan may shrink during flame-retardant treatment. Furthermore, when ordering a 50 m length with flame-retardant treatment final length delivered will be between 45 and 50 m.
Composition100% Cotton 
Roll length50 m
Rolled full-width
Sold by whole lengths only
(cut-to-length not available)

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