Backstage CS

A double-sidedFR Polyester material, Backstage is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. Widely used in high-humidity environments (theme parks, aquariums, etc.), it is composed of intrinsically flame-retardant fibres, making it washable without the risk of damaging its flame-resistant properties.
Rated M1 flame-retardant, it’s a perfect material for making stage legs and borders, black boxes, and can even be stapled for dressing frames and flats, structures and more…
Woven with a satin type weave, this fabric is brushed to give it a soft appearance on one side while retaining its satin appearance on the other. It therefore offers 2 highly distinctive effects and can be used with either side on show according to the visual effect desired.
Available in a range of basic colours (black andwhite) as well as Chroma key green and blue, suitable for making backdrops for keyed video and photography.
Backstage can be used for making curtains, both functional and decorative, that are hard-wearing and opaque.
Its high grammage and brushed surface also give it acoustic properties.


Width: 300 cm Weight: 320 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating: M1 B1 Composition: 100% FR Polyester
Acoustic Absorbant
Suitable for outdoors use
Chroma key
Flame-retardant rated
Black-out and/or screen material

Technical data Value Notes
Width 300 cm  
Weight 320 g/m²  
Thickness 0.6 mm  
Flame-retardant rating M1
Standard: NF P 92-503
Standard: DIN 4102-1
Composition 100% FR Polyester  
Lengths 60 m (bales) Cut-to-length possible
Split resistance Warp: ≥ 2000 N
Weft: ≥ 450 N
Standard: DIN EN ISO 13934-1
Acoustic properties
0.50 αw
B (absorbent)
0.85 (figure shown is for information purposes)
ISO 354 - ISO 11654 - ISO 9613-1 - ISO 1793-1-3 - ASTM C423-90a


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