Delalande Velour

A heavyvelour material with exceptional acoustic absorption properties and rated M1 flame-retardant.
This yarn-dyed velour is available in an impressive range of attractive colours, and offers the advantage of very little difference in shade between production runs.
This FR polyester velour is particularly hard-wearing and is also washable, which makes it perfect for making curtains for use both indoors and outdoors.
Woven in 1.55 m widths, this velour lets you make banners larger than standard sizes normally available, while limiting the number of seams.

Width: 155 cm Weight: 570 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating: M1 Composition: 100% FR Polyester
Acoustic Absorbant
Suitable for outdoors use
Flame-retardant rated
Very large width

Technical data Value Notes
Width 155 cm  
Weight 570 g/m²  
Thickness 2.4 mm  
Flame-retardant rating M1 Standard: NF P 92 503-504-505
Composition 100% FR Polyester
Roll length Approx. 30 - 35 m Lengths not calibrated, variable lengths
Cut-to-length possible
Tensile strength at break Warp: > 95 kg
Weft: > 100 kg
Standard: ISO 13934-1
Elongation at break Warp: > 10%
Weft: > 20%
Standard: ISO 13934-1
Tear Force Warp: > 40 N
Weft: > 40 N
Standard: ISO 13937-3
Abrasion resistance 60,000 cycles Standard: ISO 12947 (Martindale)
Acoustic properties
1 αw
A (extreme absorption)
ISO 354 - ISO 11654 - ASTM C423

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