PES pre-stretched curtain pull

This classic pre-stretched theatre curtain cord offers excellent wear at an affordable price.

Supplied in: roll of 100 m

Colour: Black or White

Diameters: 2 to 12 mm

Summary description:

  • High-resistance polyester core, polyester outer
  • Fine finish
  • Stretch-resistant and breakage-resistant
  • Excellent UV-resistance and abrasion-resistance

Ref. ØColour
ADP02N2 mmBlack
ADP02B2 mmWhite
ADP03N3 mmBlack
ADP03B3 mmWhite
ADP04N4 mmBlack
ADP04B4 mmWhite
ADP05N5 mmBlack
ADP05B5 mmWhite
ADP06N6 mmBlack
ADP06B6 mmWhite
ADP08N8 mmBlack
ADP08B8 mmWhite
ADP10N10 mmBlack
ADP10B10 mmWhite
ADP12N12 mmBlack
ADP12B12 mmWhite