Toile ReNew

Our ReNew Canvas is an innovative textile: made entirely from recycled polyester, it’s also recyclable!

Flame retardant, this beautifully finished decorative lightweight fabric is available in an attractive range of colors.

Designed for use in curtains and other applications, this fabric is washable and can be used both indoors and outdoors


Width: ± 330 cmWeight: 180 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating: M1, C1,
B1, Type B
Composition : 100% recycled PES FR
Recycled fabrics
Suitable for outdoors use
Flame-retardant rated

Discover our ReNew Canvas: an eco-friendly fabric made from recycled polyester

Toile ReNew recycled fabric is an innovative solution, because it's made from 100% recycled polyester, underlining our commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. What's more, this fabric is totally recyclable, reinforcing our eco-responsible approach.

Ecological and Recycled Fabric

Made from 100% recycled polyester canvas, Toile ReNew offers an environmentally-friendly alternative without compromising on quality.

Recycled... and Recyclable!

Help reduce waste by choosing a fabric that can be recycled at the end of its life.

Recycled fabric with flame-retardant rating

Made entirely from FR (Flame Retardant) polyester, ReNew fabric is M1-rated, offering the fire resistance required in public areas, for total peace of mind.

Exceptional width

With a width of 330 cm, Toile ReNew is ideal for making curtains with a minimum of assembly seams, offering elegant aesthetics and a simplified installation process.

Variety of colors

Express your creativity with our extensive range of colors. Whether you're looking for classic tones or contemporary shades, Toile ReNew meets all your stylistic preferences.

Machine-washable recycled fabric

Simplify the maintenance of your creations by taking advantage of the convenience of machine-washing Toile ReNew at up to 40°C.

Choose a fabric that combines durability, functionality and aesthetics.
Choose Toile ReNew and contribute to a greener future without compromising the style of your interior!


Technical information

Technical dataValueComment
With± 330 cm 
Weight± 180 g/m² 
Thickness± 0.5 mm 
Flame retardant ratingTissu recyclé non-feu M1 M1
Tissu recyclé non feu C1 C1
Tissu recyclé non feu B1 B1
Type B
NF P 92-507
EN 13773
DIN 4102
BS 5867
Composition100 % recycled PES FR  
 Average roll length± 40 mPVariable (non-calibrated rolls)
Supplied inRolled 

Find out more in our downloadable datasheet!

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