Recycled Stage Molleton

The flame-retardant stage molleton, stage essential, in its recycled version for more responsible theatre curtains and events.

This flame-retardant M1 stage molleton contains 73% of recycled cotton enabling it to largely meet the requirements of the GRS (Global Recycled Standard).

It remains as cost-effective and qualitative as a classic stage molleton,even while being made of a large portion of recycled cotton! Thanks to its blend of cotton, viscose and polyester fibers, it offers good dimensional stability, and even offers an opacity superior to certain molletons 100% made of virgin cotton fibers.


Width : 300 cmWeight : 320 g/m²
Fire-retardant rating : M1, B1,
Composition : 73% recycled cotton,
17% Viscose, 10% Polyester
Recycled fabrics
Global Recycled Standard
Flame-retardant rated

Flame-retardant recycled stage molleton : sustainability and performance on stage

Rediscover the essential flame-retardant stage molleton, now available in its recycled version for more responsible theatre curtains and events. Our flame-retardant M1 recycled stage molleton meets the most rigorous safety standards while showing our commitment towards environmental sustainability, offering a greener choice for the future of stage productions.

Recycled stage molleton: Commitment towards sustainability

Composed of 73% of recycled cotton, this molleton is far above the standards of the GRS (Global Recycled Standard). Azur Scenic is commited to a cleaner future and this choice of material shows our true determination to reduce our impact on the environment while maintaining a high level of performance.

Recycled stage molleton: Cost-effective and qualitative 

Despite its recycled component, this stage molleton remains cost-effective and does not alter its quality at all. It keeps its resistance and the nice fall of a classic stage molleton. You can thus create environmentally friendly projects without compromising the performance on stage.

Recycled stage molleton: A versatile solution 

 Thanks to its blend of cotton, viscose and polyester fibers, this recycled stage molleton offers exemplary dimensional stability and opacity superior to some stage molleton 100% made of virgin cotton fibers. It is ideal for theatre curtains, side-curtains, stage skirts, decorations and many other creative use.

Choose Azur Scenic’s recyled stage molleton for your projects. We are your trusted source for sustainable and performing textiles. Contribute to a cleaner future while maintaining artistic excellence with our recycled fire-retardant molleton.


Technical informations

Technical dataFiguresComments
Width± 300 cm 
Weight± 320 g/m² 
Thickness± 1,2 mm 
Fire-retardant rating M1, B1, EN13501 
Composition73% recycled cotton
17% viscose
10% polyester
Meets the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) requirements
Roll lenght± 60 m (bales)
± 500 m (pallets)
May be sold at the cut, depending on the stock availability 
Supplied inCentre-foldedBales or pallets


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