Scratch Paper

Asuper-resistant double-faced material with paper effect finish and flame-retardant rating B1, offering surprising properties!
The first side has a quilted effect with an appearance similar to crepe paper. Use it as a fabric by leaving this side showing for decorative use. But this side also has the ability to stick naturally to Velcro® strips allowing you to install it easily on a number of surfaces.
The second treated side is printable (UV, Solvents, environmentally-friendly solvents) and can also be used a surface for paint.
Our versatile Scratch Paper is perfect for dressing stands, making painted and printed panels, making Japanese screens… and even for an original screen for projection.
This 100% polyester fabric is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Width: 310 cm Weight: 170 g/m²
Flame-retardant rating: B1 Composition: 100% Polyester + acrylic treatment
Suitable for outdoors use
Flame-retardant rated
Front projection

Technical data Value Notes
Width 310 cm  
Weight 170 g/m²  
Thickness 0.55 mm  
Flame-retardant rating B1  
Composition 100% Polyester + acrylic treatment  
Roll length 50 m
Rolled full-width
Cut-to-length possible
Tensile strength Warp: 11 daN
Weft: 21 daN
Standard: ISO 13934-1
Tear resistance
Warp: 21 N
Weft: 16 N
Standard: ISO 13937-2
Tearing of eyelets Warp: 62 N
Weft: 85 N


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