No Limit 2

Motorised screen with extra-large dimensions that’s also space-efficient.

A motorised roller screen available entirely made-to-measure, designed specially for very large projection surfaces from 8 to 60 m width.

The roller system is compatible with various projection screens (front and rear).

The black extruded aluminium body with 2 longitudinal steel supports gives it a superb rigidity. The roller cylinder rests on a cradle made of bearing-mounted ertalon tubing. It is supported by an anti-warp system that uses specially-calibrated suspensions to adjust the differences in level across the full width of the screen.

Flame-retardant rated
Front projection

Canvas is fully protected by a closed body in black-anodised aluminium for limited weight and improved space-efficiency.

Roller system
Suspended tubular winding with a full-length anti-warping system.

SOMFY tubular dual-motor (5-year guarantee) with motor coupling module for perfect synchronisation. Standard order options: remote radio-control or wall-mounted (other controller options available).
Fine-tuning at end of travel (top and bottom of screen)
Power: 110 Nm
Speed: 17 RPM.
Lifting speed: ± 10 cm/s.

Integrated weighted pole (2.3 kg/m).

Mounting clamps for rods diameter Ø 48.3 to 50 mm inclusive
Mountings every 2 to 3 m with possibility to adjust level.

Maximum size is 60 m wide x 10 m high.

Supplied in:
Up to 12 m long, can be pre-fitted into a wooden box. Over 12 m, packaged in multiple sections for on-site assembly by a team off specialist technicians.

Technical specifications
See PDF in the "Downloads" tab below.